The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) was founded in 2009 by a merger of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe and Universität Karlsruhe. 
 KIT bundles the missions of both precursory institutions: A university of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with teaching and research tasks and a large-scale research institution of the Helmholtz Association conducting program-oriented provident research on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany. Within these missions, KIT is operating along the three strategic fields of action of research, teaching, and innovation. 
 With KIT, an institution of excellent international research and teaching in natural sciences and engineering is being established. 

The visions of KIT are:

  • KIT will attract the best experts from all over the world. 
  • KIT will set standards in teaching and promotion of young scientists.
  • KIT will become the leading European center of energy research.
  • KIT will play a role in nanosciences that will be visible worldwide.
  • KIT will be a leading innovation partner of industry.

“创新联盟(Innovation Alliance)”致力于加强企业和其他社会团体与德国北莱茵-威斯特法伦州(北威州)高校间的协作。来自北威州的公司协助创新联盟将该州打造为德国最具创新氛围的联邦州,并确保在创新领域长期领先地位。


生物科技产业集群(CLIB 2021)是位于德国北莱茵-威斯特法伦州的地区性创新网络,致力在化工和生物技术公司与科研机构和投资者之间构筑纽带。

The IBB Netzwerk GmbH is an organization promoting the real economy in the field of industrial biotechnology. Purpose of this network is to speed up the implementation of scientific knowledge into innovative products and processes. The IBB network consists of members of the industry, small and medium-sized companies, universities, non-university research institutions, economic development agencies, consultants and associations.



The Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) was established in 1997 as a public-private partnership to perform pre-competitive research into polymers and their application, linking scientific knowledge to the industrial need for innovation. This results in added value for universities in scientific publications and for companies in intellectual property rights and the possibilities to execute new activities. Some 200 researchers (PhDs and Post-Docs) are currently involved in DPI projects at knowledge institutes throughout the world.

AIPIA's mission is to decimate supply chain costs and increase it's members turnover by the implementation of high tech solutions in packaging.